3 Reasons Why Athletes Should Work With Doctors Early in Their Career

When you are committing to a sport, be it for college varsity or playing in the professional leagues, working closely with a doctor can help you make strides in your performance. Everyone has a family physician who takes care of seasonal allergies and cases of flu, however when you are an athlete, you need to go to someone with a specialization in sports medicine. Here are three reasons why you should commit to a doctor before your athletic career takes off:


Improve your overall state.

When you share your plans and goals with your doctor, they can help you create a program that will strengthen your fundamentals. Your coach can give you advice for building and training muscles, but sometimes the competitive streak can override healthier decisions. A doctor can act as your conscience, telling you to pace yourself when physical training becomes too much, or your diet becomes unhealthy. After you receive your workout and meal plan, run it by your doctor one more time to make sure you are not playing into medical myths and debunked jargon. Even hard trained professional athletes can do with the help of doctors like Dr. Kris Chaffin who can help address old injuries.


Avoid injuries.

Working with a doctor can put you on a path that addresses your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which in turn ultimately strengthens your muscles and bones and also helps you control chronic illnesses like asthma and migraines which can affect your athletic career. By addressing your areas of weakness and strengthening your body you are less prone to injuries, however do not rely on your stable psychic and accompany your efforts with a coach or trainer that is just as well-informed. Besides knowing the right techniques, you should also have someone who can watch what you do to make sure you do not make small mistakes.


They know your preferences.

In the event you do get injured, they can treat you better. They know your training schedule, your diet, and your history as when you work with a doctor for so long, they are in-tune to your needs and concerns so you don’t have to go through the elaborate process of explaining what works for you and have it brushed off as unnecessary information. Every professional athlete has a doctor that they consult for every injury; it takes years to build that kind of rapport.


If your injury is severe or out of their area of expertise, they can always refer you to another doctor. They have a broader network in the industry. While you are limited to the hospital directory and popular web searches, they know more people. There is an established trust that reassures you that you will be in good hands.


Working with doctors early on is both prevention and cure. It saves you from a lot of unnecessary shuffles between the pediatrician and general practitioner. Working with them from the get-go means that you both know each other well enough, making it a relationship worth fostering.





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