4 Reasons why Dental Implants may be for you

Dental work has come a long way over the years. Go back even twenty years and the techniques and tools are so much more advanced today. Dentists are constantly educating themselves to keep up with latest advances in modern medicine.

Dental implant

For those in need of some larger dental work considerations and have health concerns, dental implants may be a proper solution for you. Many people often think of getting either dentures or bridges and do not realize they may be a prime candidate for dental implants. Here is a look at what dental implants are and four reasons why they may be for you.

What are dental implants?

In short, dental implants serve as a complete tooth replacement. A dental implant is in essence putting a tooth in place where you have a missing tooth. Normally made of titanium, a screw like looking abutment will be integrated into the jawbone like a tooth root. This process, known as osseointegration will give the recipient a new tooth in the open area.

To stop teeth from shifting

If someone has a missing tooth in their mouth, it’s only a matter of time before the other teeth start shifting. Moving teeth can cause a domino effect of health problems down the road. The teeth can be harder to clean and keep healthy and your jaw may suffer not to mention it could cost a small fortune later on in orthodontic care.

Maintain the health of your jawbone

One potential downside of getting a bridge instead of an implant is your jaw bone will eventually deteriorate underneath the missing tooth. A similar issue can occur with dentures that are not implant supported. As more time passes the more likely it is your jawbone will not have the strength to get an implant without first receiving a dental bone graft. Deciphering all the information can be stressful and overwhelming to a lot of people. The good news is that you can get a completely free and no obligation including x-rays if you are looking for Dental implants Dublin to get the health of your mouth back on track.

Increase confidence and appearance

Getting dental implants is not all about superficial looks. Missing teeth will eventually deteriorate your jaw bone and can often cause the face to appear sunken in. This can make one look years older than they really are. People with dentures will often complain of having sunken in cheeks and thin lips. Having your mouth in top working order will help keep your whole body performing to the best of its ability.

Maintain speech and healthy eating

It might not happen right away, but if empty spaces are left in your mouth your teeth will shift. Depending on how badly the shifts progress it could led to speech impediments or difficulty chewing. These can both be very costly and have cause and effect consequences if the issue is left unattended. If you start having trouble eating it can lead to so many other health concerns. All our energy comes from what we are able to eat and put into our bodies.

If you have a serious dental concern such as a missing tooth or think you may soon be in that boat, don’t procrastinate on finding out information relevant to your situation. In very few instances do problems get easier the longer you wait to address them. With modern advances now is one of the best times to get the health care you need in the easiest manner possible.

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