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Apple Watch vs. Other Smart Watches – What These Wearables can do for You

Apple Watch vs. Other Smart Watches – What These Wearables can do for You

If you happen to be wearing a smart watch by the time the year ends, it will be created by Apple or it will be one that uses the Google Android platform



There is also a good possibility that you already know which one you will get because of the type of phone you have.  Apple’s watch will only work with iOS8 while android watches work with android.  That being said, as the pre-orders for Apple watch are pouring in, there is still a huge debate when it comes to deciding which watch will give you the best wearable experience. 

Smart watches are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes while smartphones tend to all look alike.  For example, the Apple watch has a shape that is square with rounded corners and comes in one of three types of cases – stainless steel, aluminum and the ever talked about 18 kt gold version.  The two higher end versions feature sapphire glass that is resistant to scratches while the one with the aluminum case.  Sport edition has an Ion – X glass.  Apple says that both of them are premium.

The Apple watch comes in two size so that it will fit more people.  The smaller version has a height of 38mm and the larger one has a height of 42mm.  This is an option that is not available in the Android watches.

 Android watches give you more variety though with as many as 8 designs as of right now.  This includes the LG Urbane, Huawei Watch, LG G Watch R and the Moto 360.  All of these are circular in shape.  Then there are the square shaped ones such as the Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Sony Smartwatch 3.  The Apple style Asus ZenWatch is a combination of the shapes. 

The watches that are being made now for LG and Huawei will be made from stainless steel in both gold and silver tones…allowing them to catch up to Motorola’s customizable watch. 

The Apple watch has a small display size but the resolution is dense enough that is earned the “Retina” label for marketing.  Another thing that you can’t really see on the display is that it is pressure sensitive.  Apple calls the “Force Touch”.  This just means that the screen will know if you tap it lightly or with a bit more pressure.  This effectively provides a solution to UI commands that can be complex without multitouch.

Androids displays have really brightened up their smart watches right when everyone else was messing with the black and white Pebble e-paper screen.  The Android watches do not – at this point – support anything resembling the Force Touch but that doesn’t mean that there will never be anything like it. 

As far as apps go, both types of watches allow for a certain amount of apps.  There is even talk of healthcare apps development.  Mhealth apps will help people monitor their health right on their smart watches.  If this sounds appealing to you, don’t worry, there are specialist mhealth app developers working on apps right now for both platforms.

In the end, the only person who can decide which watch will be the best option for you, is you.  They all have great features and apps forthcoming. 

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