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Stay away from the knife: 3 very effective non-surgical procedures

Ageing carries a number of worries with it, not least because of the signs we start seeing on our bodies. Time passes for everyone and we al [...]

Staying Healthy is Easy: Here’s What to Do

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. Most people associate being healthy with being physically fit, but the two aren’t really the [...]

Trouble Down Below: How to Tell If You Have an STD

Many people feel that they don’t have to worry about STDs. They think that because most of them are treatable, they’re not a big [...]

6 Tips for Helping a Loved One Battle Addiction

The feeling of powerlessness involved in watching a loved one battle a drug or alcohol addiction can be hard to come to terms with. You want [...]

3 Major Problems Faced By Teenagers – And How To Spot Them

The teenage years are tough to get through. On the face of it, teens should be having the time of their lives. It’s their first taste [...]

4 Fun Ways To Flaunt Your Patriotism This Summer

Americans have a strong sense of patriotism. Showing one’s love for America is easy when a few issues are taken into consideration. It isn [...]

The Good and the Bad Components for Sensitive Skin Care

Do you have sensitive skin that reddens or itches or burns whenever you apply a skin care product? If you think that the solution is to avoi [...]

4 Awesome Breathing Exercises of Yoga to Reduce Your Tummy

In addition to the physical postures or asanas practiced in yoga there are also a number of breathing exercises in yoga which are referred t [...]

Exercise Can Keep Prostate Cancer Patients Alive

A little change in the lifestyle practices can actually bring a major healthy change to your entire life. For example, regular exercising is [...]
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