How Do Teeth Whitening Work?

It can be hard to feel confident about your smile when your teeth are discolored and yellow. It’s little wonder, then, that so many people have used teeth whitening services to improve their smile and get back their self-confidence. Is the time right for you to find a dentist specialized in teeth whitening in Montreal? Learning more about the teeth whitening options available to you will help you better understand what to expect from this dental procedure.


Teeth Whitening Options

The goal of teeth whitening is simple: removing stains or yellowing from your teeth to restore a whiter, healthier-looking smile. Generally speaking, there are two professional teeth whitening options available: in-office treatments and take-home whitening.


With in-office treatments, your dentist will begin by applying a protective substance to your gums, and then spreading a specialized whitening gel on your teeth. The gel is then activated by a laser light or heated light, which the dentist shines directly on the teeth. The chemical reaction that takes place allows the teeth to become anywhere from six to ten shades lighter in as little as one hour of treatment.


Take-home treatments require a bit more time, but they can still produce the same effective results as an in-office whitening treatment. Your dentist will make molds of your teeth to create custom plastic mouthpieces, which you will later use to hold the whitening solution in place. He will also provide a prescribed bleaching gel.


After receiving these essential supplies, you can then take care of the whitening process at home. Simply fill the mouthpiece with the whitening gel (your dentist will tell you how much to apply), and then wear the mouthpiece for a few hours each day. Most people get their desired results in two weeks or less. Should discoloration return, you can simply reorder the whitening gel to restore your desired look.


Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

It may be tempting to choose over-the-counter teeth whitening products in an attempt to save money, but these items can actually have several negative consequences for your dental health.


Over-the-counter treatments typically use the bleaching chemical carbide peroxide. When used in excess, this chemical can greatly increase the sensitivity of your teeth, making it more difficult to consume hot or cold food and drink. Excessive exposure to these chemicals can also make your teeth become brittle, putting them at greater risk of chipping or cracking. Worse still, these chemicals can actually remove enamel, causing your teeth to take on a splotchy appearance. This is especially true of gels or mouthpieces that aren’t custom-fitted to your teeth.


With professional teeth whitening solutions, such negative side effects aren’t a problem. While you may feel a tingling sensation and some increased sensitivity immediately during and following your treatment, such issues won’t last for long. As with any other dental service, allowing a professional to do the work will ensure that you get great-looking results without causing accidental harm to your teeth.


Time For a Brighter Smile!

As a safe and relatively easy procedure, there’s no reason why you can’t use teeth whitening to gain a brighter and more beautiful smile. However, teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution. It doesn’t eliminate the need for regular brushing and flossing, and to maintain your white smile, it is also recommended that you avoid coffee, tea, wine, and other food items that can easily stain tooth enamel.


However, there’s no denying that these services can completely transform your smile. When you feel good about your smile, that increased confidence will carry over to work, school, relationships, and other important aspects of your life. You can’t get a better deal than that!

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