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I’m Vegan and I Know it: 5 Easy Ways to Start Eating Vegan

Although the idea of veganism can initially be overwhelming, the lifestyle can provide you with a remarkably regained sense of energy. Here are some easy steps to follow to get you started on the road to better health:


Start the morning off with a green smoothie.


The most important part of any diet, whether restricted or not, is making sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables. Throwing a few fruits and veggies into a blender in the morning can solve this problem, as well as provide you with an added boost of energy to bring with you into the day. Try using whatever fruits are in season and make sure to gravitate more towards green, leafy vegetables whenever possible, specifically kale or spinach, as these are high in antioxidants and iron. Consider adding in some flax seed for a boost of Omega 3s and throw in a few ice cubes for a tasty, cold drink you can bring to work with you that will be sure to fill you up. Feel free to add in some non-dairy yogurt if you want an added calcium source. Always check smoothie blender reviews before making your purchase.


Remember not just to let go of foods, but to replace them.


Since you are tossing meat to the curb, you need to replace that with other highly caloric protein sources – beans, nuts, seeds, quinoa, and tempeh are great whole food sources. Because your metabolism will start to speed up, you will feel hungrier faster, so it is okay to eat more, because the food you will be eating is incredibly healthier.


Be wary of your intake of processed foods.


You should always get as many whole food sources as possible – processed foods, although tasty and easily accessible, should still be eaten in moderation. Make sure to keep your focus on the freshest foods possible and be wary of foods that have ingredient lists that are miles long.


Invest in a vegan cookbook.


The fastest way to get excited about your new lifestyle is to discover new recipes! Seek out a good vegan or vegetarian cookbook and start off slowly by making one or two recipes from it a week. Discover which foods you like the best and get inspired! Make sure to try out cooking all different types of food at first to see what suits your palette.


Drink tons of water.


Your body will be cleaning itself out during this time, so stay hydrated, so it can flush itself out! Water also acts as an appetite suppressant.

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