Invisible Teeth Aligners Are Something to Smile About

Good oral hygiene is a practice that can begin as early as infancy. It can be as simple as using a damp washcloth to clean a child’s palate and develop into a rigorous routine of brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist. Corrective measures like teeth whitening and alignment can be the last pieces of the puzzle to complete a gorgeous smile in adulthood. An early start will be the backbone to a healthy smile that lasts long into old age.

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Instill Good Habits at a Young Age

Implementing healthy, oral hygiene habits in young children can be a very easy routine to begin. As children’s baby teeth emerge, brush with a soft, appropriate-sized brush. Limit how many sugary beverages your child consumes like coke and other pops. If your kid does consume beverages high in sugar, have them rinse their mouths out with water shortly after. Other tips include providing a balanced diet that’s low in sugar and processed foods, as well as regular dental checkups. 

Find the Dentist That Works for You

During these early childhood years, it is also important to choose a dentist that is knowledgeable and good with children. Once your son or daughter is around the age of three, you should start thinking about that first visit.

The Right Toothpaste

Toothpaste use can start right away, but make sure to keep an eye on the quantity. Fluoride prevents decay and damage to the enamel and is an essential ingredient in commercial toothpastes. Start using a fluoride toothpaste as soon as the first tooth appears, though in small quantities.

Flossing and Gum Disease

Flossing is another healthy habit to instill in your kid’s oral health routine that can help prevent gum disease later in life. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is caused by plaque and tartar build-up. Although it is common for there to be space in between early teeth, it is recommended that flossing begin as soon as there is contact between them.

Make Hygiene Fun

One important thing for parents to keep in mind as they help their children work towards a healthy, beautiful smile is to keep it fun. Use a timer, sing their favorite songs, or choose a toothbrush that features their favourite cartoon character. Your dentist can be a role model, too: Smart Smile is one London, Ontario-based clinic with an interactive program that encourages young patients to give their smiles the care they need.

Braces and Teeth Alignment

As puberty approaches, you may notice a crooked or flawed smile. The days when braces were the only way to go are long gone. If you live in London, Ontario, invisible aligners are now available from forward-thinking dental centres like Smart Smile.Not only are they discreet, they are also removable, meaning your teenager can eat without the pain and discomfort of old-school metal fixtures. There’s no need to worry about taking a hit or a ball to the face playing afterschool football, either.

Smart Smile Dental Centre in London, Ontario offers free consultations on their invisible aligners. Remember, oral hygiene is a lifelong practice; it’s never too early to start.

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