Practicing GENTLE YOGA at Home

One of the great attractions of yoga, as a means of keeping your body and mind healthy and in shape, is that it can be practiced at home.  Not having to travel to a studio or pay a teacher makes it a very convenient activity to practice at low cost.  Having said that, beginners should start by taking classes to learn the fundamentals such as the “yoga breath”, how to do the individual postures and to become comfortable with a sequence of yoga postures which work for you.


These fundamentals can be learnt over a period of 6 weeks attending GENTLE YOGA classes – see for class and other details.  The GENTLE YOGA sequence delivers 6 main benefits – Builds Muscle Strength; Betters Your Bone Health; Gives You Better Sleep; Improves Your Blood Quality and Lowers Your Blood Pressure; Perfects Your Posture and Protects Your Spine; Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown.  How the GENTLE YOGA sequence works to achieve these benefits is explained on .

For a home practice it is best to practice first thing in the morning when the mind is calm and fresh and has not been made busy by the activities of the day.  Also, it is always best to practice on an empty stomach which is another good reason for practicing early morning.  The complete GENTLE YOGA sequence taught in class takes around 70 – 80 minutes.  However, it is taught in segments so there is a piece you can do in 10, 20, 30, 40 minutes or whatever time is available on a particular day.

If a morning practice does not work, of course, it is fine to practice in the evening before your evening meal when the stomach should be realtively empty.  On the one hand, you will find the evening practice that bit easier as the body will be more free and warmed up after all the activities of the day.  On the other hand, it may be more difficult to concentrate in your evening practice as all the happenings of the day tend to linger in the mind and serve as distractions.

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