The Key to Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin is highly sought after by women everywhere, but it shouldn’t just be about that. Your goal should also be to have healthy skin. If you want skin that looks amazing but is healthy too, take a look at these tips:


Use an SPF Everyday


SPF should be applied every single day, whatever the weather. Whether it’s nice and sunny or really cold and frosty, you should apply SPF. Skin still gets damaged by the environment whether the sun is out or not. Make it part of your regular skincare routine. You can find lots of moisturisers that contain SPF, so you really don’t have an excuse.


Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin


If you don’t eat healthily, you can’t expect to have healthy skin. The food you eat will play a big part in how healthy your skin is, after all; you are made up of the things you eat. Eat vegetables with every meal, a few portions of fruit a day, and food like avocados that contain healthy fats. You’ll soon notice that your skin is glowing more than ever before.




Exercise will keep your body healthy and therefore keep your skin healthy. Don’t worry; a few gentle sessions per week could be just enough to help you get that post-exercise glow. You might not think that you like it, but you’ve probably just not found a style that you like yet. Try out different things and do them for at least 3 weeks to see how you feel.



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Use Products Suited to You


If you have oily skin and you use products suited to dry skin, you’re going to create more problems. Make sure you are using products that suit your skin type best. It can take a while to find products you love and want to stick with. Just make sure you stick out using products rather than flit from product to product. Sensitive skin can be one of the hardest to treat, so be careful.


Visit a Salon


Salons offer so many amazing treatments for the skin. Paying one a visit every once in a while can only be a good thing! Some of the may offer facials, microdermabrasion, or the use of a skin tightening machine to help firm. It depends on what you need/want when it comes to your skin. A therapist is bound to offer you a consultation if you go and enquire, so go ahead.


Be Consistent


You can’t be sporadic if you want healthy skin. You need to be consistent. Keep up a routine and you’ll begin to see bigger and better results. Remember that doing something silly, like falling asleep with your makeup on, will only set you back. Treat your skin like the precious thing it is.


If you keep up a consistent routine, you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels. It changes over time, but the sooner you begin using these tips, the younger it’ll stay. I hope you use them and love them!


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