3 Fool-Proof Tips to Increase Efficacy of Birth Control

There are several birth control options available to suit the many different lifestyles of every woman. Due to the demand in preventing pregnancies, you can purchase some of these over the counter or online. You can even purchase leading birth control pill, ortho tri cyclen without prescription. But with easier access to some of arguably the greatest inventions in this day and age comes great responsibility. The truth is, birth control options are designed to prevent pregnancies by almost 100%. However, in most of these failures, human error is to blame. Don’t know how to take birth control pills? Here are the best tips your may find helpful.


Use birth control with condoms.

If you want to reduce your chances of getting pregnant to zero, ask your partner to use condoms even when you’re on the pill. All birth control options are not 100% effective even though these chances can be very slim. In addition, condoms also prohibit the transmission of certain STDs. And let’s be honest–that’s the thing you should really watch out for. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Some people, men and women alike, don’t really like the feeling of having a condom on when having sex. If this is a concern to you, you’ll find a number of brands in the market, offering condoms that will better suit your preferences.


Seek medical advice.

There are so many birth control options available naturally and in the market. And you want to choose something that doesn’t only give you close to 100% efficacy but also fits your lifestyle requirements. To make sure you’re using the best birth control option, it’s best to seek medical advice from a professional. Consult with a doctor and thoroughly weigh your birth control options. Remember that birth control medication may come with side effects, and some of these may not be best if you’re taking other kinds of medication. You also want to bring up certain lifestyle habits such as your typical diet, sleep and vices, which may include smoking and drinking alcohol.


Take birth control pills RELIGIOUSLY.

Hormonal birth control pills are one of the most common birth control options for women. These pills vary on the hormones they carry: progestin alone or estrogen + progestin. If you take birth control pills religiously, the failure rate can be extremely low, even reaching 1% if conditions are ideal. These pills can also reduce the pain of menstrual cramps by a mile and lighten periods.


Hormonal birth control pills can also provide a ton of health benefits beyond preventing pregnancies, such as protection against certain women-targeted cancers. However, just like any other type of medication, it also carries with it a few side effects such as spotting, nausea, and a decreased libido. The failure rate also increases to 8% if not taken religiously. So, as we cannot stress this enough–always remember to take your birth control pills.



More and more of today’s women are choosing not to have kids. Whether it’s for health reasons or something that’s more personal, it’s a phenomenon that’s been stirring up quite a few debates here and there. It’s also led to even more birth control options for both men and women. These days, preventing pregnancies has never been easier, and we have the wide array of birth control options to be grateful for.



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