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4 Awesome Breathing Exercises of Yoga to Reduce Your Tummy

In addition to the physical postures or asanas practiced in yoga there are also a number of breathing exercises in yoga which are referred to as pranayamas. Pranayamas go hand in hand with the physical postures practiced in yoga and a combination of both these practices helps an individual to achieve self discipline and purification not just of the body but also the mind and spirit. Some of the well known and basic yoga breathing exercises can be seen as under;



This is a breathing exercise in yoga which is specifically used for cleansing. It is also known as the skull cleansing technique. When there is mucus accumulation in the nasal passages or the chest, this pranayama has been found to be very helpful. Kapalabhati is performed in a sitting position, preferably Padmasana (lotus pose) but can also be practiced while sitting on a chair or sofa. It is performed by alternating long and deep inhalations and quick, short and forceful exhalations. While doing this, powerful contractions should be felt in the lower abdomen while pushing out air from the lungs. Beginners can start this pranayam by doing 25-30 repetitions and then gradually increase the repetitions to 100 or more. This pranayama is very good for treating and preventing diseases like diabetes, skin conditions, obesity, hypertension, depression, constipation, menstrual problems, flatulence, respiratory ailments, kidney problems, sinusitis and allergies. It is also one of the best breathing exercises for reducing tummy fat.

2.Anuloma viloma

This breathing exercise is also known as the alternate nostril breathing technique and is also performed while sitting down. In this technique the practitioner breathes in deeply through one nostril by keeping the other nostril closed with the thumb and then opens the closed nostril for exhaling while closing the other nostril with the ring and middle finger. Anuloma viloma enhances the functioning of both sides of the brain by increasing the supply of oxygen. This breathing technique helps in relieving condition like chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis and diabetes. It helps keep cholesterol levels under control and also removes arterial blockages. It is also a recommended pranayama for effective weight loss.


Bhramari pranayam is practiced while sitting in a Vajrsana (thunderbolt pose) or Padmasana pose and using the thumbs to press the ears shut. The index finger is placed on the forehead and the rest of the fingers are used to close the eyes. The practitioner then inhales slowly but deeply through both the nostrils and exhales slowly while keeping the mouth closed producing a humming sound like a bee. This pranayam can be practiced by people of all age groups including small children and is said to be especially beneficial to pregnant women. Other than treating a number of diseases, this pranayam is very helpful in relaxing and calming the mind. Paralysis and migraines can be cured with the regular practice of this pranayam.


In the Sitkari pranayam the tongue is rolled up with its tip touching the upper palate and its middle part touching the lips. Air is sucked in or inhaled through the mouth with a hissing sound and the breath is retained for as long as possible. It is then exhaled through both the nostrils. This pranayama is very helpful in enhancing the physical beauty of the practitioner. It also helps cure problems like sleep disorders, liver problems and tonsillitis. It also helps the practitioner become physically stronger.

Once these basic pranayamas have been mastered by an individual he/she can move on to the more advanced pranayamas in yoga such as Ujjayi(Loud breath), Bhastrika (Bellows), Moola Bandha (Root Lock), Uddiyana Bandha (Upward Abdominal lock)and Jalandhara Bandha (Water pipe lock).

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