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4 Fun Ways To Flaunt Your Patriotism This Summer

4 Fun Ways To Flaunt Your Patriotism This SummerAmericans have a strong sense of patriotism. Showing one’s love for America is easy when a few issues are taken into consideration. It isn’t enough to just wear red, white and blue. It’s important to address all possible ways to fashionably show one’s patriotism.


1. Eagles


Eagles are incredibly awesome and patriotic. Nothing embodies the American spirit like an eagle. Anybody can wear a shirt with an American flag on it, but eagles are going to stand out. People will immediately see the eagle and recognize one’s sense of pride. It may take a little bit of shopping to find the perfect eagle shirt or jacket, but it is certainly worth it.


2. American Wear


In addition to eagles, people can also shop for American clothes. It’s important to find shirts, shorts, pants and jackets that are red, white and blue. Any shirt with an American flag on it is sure to be a home run at parties. Girls will love a great set of red and white striped leggings. People should also pay attention to where the clothing is made. Red, white and blue shirts are especially patriotic if they were made in the United States of America.


3. Accessories


It’s all in the details. Accessories are a great way to flaunt one’s patriotism. Women will love shopping for a variety of hair clips and bows that embody the American spirit. Lapel badges are a fantastic way to show one’s patriotism. A lapel badge is perfect for dressing up a business outfit or nice suit. A bright red set of sneakers will also go great with any American outfit. There are endless options for patriotically accessorizing one’s wardrobe. Creativity is really the only limiting factor.


4. Americanize Regular Clothing Items


When in doubt, one should Americanize the clothing items they already own. An old white t-shirt can become a tie-dyed masterpiece of American patriotism. It may be impossible to find a shirt with an eagle on it, so people can check local fabric stores for eagle patches. American flag and eagle patches can be sewn on or ironed-on to a variety of different articles of clothing. This is a perfect way to customize any outfit. Fabric paint is also a great way to get creative. Ultimately, there is no wrong way to go about flaunting one’s patriotism. The sky is the limit. The hot summer months are the perfect time to flaunt one’s patriotism.

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