5 Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Cup of Caffeine

In today’s society, some of us can’t function properly without our morning cup of caffeine, which is oh so bad for us considering we normally never stop at just one. Not only does coffee stain your teeth, but it’s extremely addictive and can raise your blood sugar levels, increase your risk for a heart attack, and even contribute to infertility in women.

Morning coffee is my daily routine

So in order to get your morning fix in a healthy way, we’ve come up with a healthy list of caffeine alternatives to try instead:

  1. Green tea

Instead of reaching for the caffeine, try a healthy cup of green tea – packed with catechins which are powerful antioxidants to help fight various diseases. It may not look tasty, but try adding a hint of honey if you’re after some sweetness and fall in love with green tea!

  1. Wheatgrass juice

As unpleasant as it may look, wheatgrass in the form of juice is known as a liquid shot of much-needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Due to its nature, it’s easily digestible, giving you a boost of energy. So skip the caffeine and go for wheatgrass.

  1. Chai tea

As one of the tastier drinks on the list, chai tea is a native Indian beverage made with black tea, milk, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. As a healthier alternative to coffee, chai tea is not only creamy on the palette, but it tricks your mind into thinking you’re having a warm cup of caffeine.

  1. Carob powder

Similar to cocoa, caffeine-free carob powder is naturally sweet powder mixed with warm milk and a hint of honey to create a delicious warm afternoon drink that won’t cause a major caffeine crash. Try it. You may never want to go near caffeine again!

  1. Flaxseed shake

Why not make an early morning smoothie by mixing together flaxseeds, yogurt, ice, soy milk, and delicious frozen fruit to give you a drink that’s both high in energy and fiber – to make sure you get the type of go you need early in the morning.

Remember, starting your day off healthy will not only make you feel better, but it’ll give you the type of boost you need to be a productive human being in society. Try it for a couple of weeks to see how you feel. You won’t regret it!

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