A Guide to Avoiding Embarrassing Health Issues

Embarrassing health issues are, well, embarrassing. There are a few common issues that plague a percentage of the world, and many are too embarrassed to go to the doctors. Here, we talk about some common embarrassing health issues, and what you can do to avoid them. Read on to learn more:

Bad Breath

Bad breath is really embarrassing, and the worst thing is that you won’t usually know you have it until somebody tells you. To avoid bad breath, make sure you regularly brush, floss, and rinse. You should also pay attention to the tongue, as this can play a big part in the way your breath smells. Avoid foods that make the breath smell, like garlic. You should also kick bad habits, like smoking!


Flatulence can be caused by the foods we eat. For example, those with an intolerance to dairy will find they get flatulence when they eat cheese or drink milk. Beans can also make people more flatulent. It can completely depend on the individual! If this is a real problem for you, flatulence treatment is available. Make sure you take a look at your diet too.


For some people, acne is the bane of their lives. It can be very embarrassing to have red spots pop up all over your face. To avoid it, make sure you’re eating and drinking the right things. You should have a regular cleansing routine, and change your pillowcases regularly. Avoid touching your face. See a doctor for treatment if it persists!

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can happen for no reason at all – you don’t have to be hot or under pressure! Be aware of your triggers. For some people this is alcohol or spicy food. You can wear black clothing to minimise sweat’s appearance. Also, avoid tight clothing. If this is a real problem for you, see your GP.

Smelly Feet

Usually, smelly feet is caused by wearing the same shoes every day, and sweating on your feet. You can help this condition by making sure you never wear one pair of shoes two days in a row so you give them a chance to dry out. You can also buy socks and insoles that help the feet to combat sweat and odour. Wash your feet every day and dry them properly too. Spraying them with deodorant is just as effective as a foot deodorizer, and cheaper!


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Sexual Issues

There are a number of sexual issues both men and women can suffer from. To avoid them, make sure you’re eating right. Junk food can lead to all kinds of health issues, including sexual problems. You should also avoid drugs, and double check any medication you’re currently taking. Excess alcohol can have an effect on your libido too. If these problems persist, see your doctor.

Many people suffer from these health issues, so don’t think that you’re alone in this. Take the steps to avoid them and see a GP if they persist. Don’t suffer in silence!

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