A Spin Class Today Keeps the Calories Away

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game physically, but during the holidays this is very hard to do.  If the goodies in the office do not tempt you when your co-workers bring them to work, you’re obliged to make cookies and sweets for any number of events like your book club’s party, your annual charity event, or for the potluck meal at Christmas.  Sure, you can bring in something healthy, and everyone appreciates the gesture, but with Kwanzaa, Hanukah, and New Year’s Eve in one month, before you know it, all those small bites you’ve taken mean you can’t zip up that cute little silk sheath you had planned to wear New Year’s Day.  Don’t worry about holding back on the treats, worry about not getting enough exercise to work them off.  After all, when you start your fitness routine or keep up the one you started to get you in shape for the summer, you know how effective it is to do those squats, planks and burpees that are guaranteed to get results.

If you need motivation to get you started again, studies show that buying new workout gear is a great way to commit.  Now would be the perfect time to shop for everything you need from Nike because they are offering many great deals on their fabulous shoes and apparel through Groupon.  A new pair of customized sneaks and a few hoodies for road work will keep you warm on those chilly mornings when you’ve got to get it in before work.  Nike has great deals offered by Groupon that will save as much as 25% off select merchandise and you can get clearance items for 53% less. Often, they’ll ship them to you for free.  There’s something for everyone this holiday season.

If your mom has joined the mall walking club in her neighborhood, buy her some comfortable shoes and some athleisure wear she can show off to her friends.  And remind her she’ll have to walk about an hour at a brisk pace to burn off a slice of her famous apple pie.



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