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Against GMOs Without Understanding Why

So you absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably are opposed to foods containing GMOs. However, do you really understand the cause for which you are fighting? According to Jimmy Kimmel’s very scientific panel of researchers who studied the masses — ok, maybe it was a film crew canvassing random shoppers at a farmer’s market — many people are actually a less than 100 percent when it comes to understanding what is meant by GMOs.


 GMO: The Acronym

The first place to begin is what GMO actually stands for. Many people can get the G and a few even get the M, but that O seems to stop a lot in their tracks. To clarify, GMO is the acronym for genetically modified organism.

Why to Avoid It

 While it is simply a no-brainer to many to avoid such a food, it isn’t quite so clear why that is. As the trend towards non-GMO food increases and more labels are touted on organic products, consumers simply assume it must be an ingredient they should avoid. While there is certainly cause for concern, finding the consumers who actually understand this concern is hard to come by. Interviewees were unsure why genetically modifying a food is problematic or what the repercussions are. While they can state that is does bad things to themselves or the environment, they are a little less sure of any of the specifics of what those evils might be.

What It Means

Even when the acronym is translated, it doesn’t mean that the words are understood. Few can explain what it means to genetically modify an organism. The fact that genetic modification is something done outside of nature and, instead, in a lab, seems to be vaguely understood. Unfortunately, explaining what the modification actually is seems to be as commonly grasped as a wisp of smoke to passersby. The fact that a food item is being genetically manipulated and how that is done doesn’t appear to be catching as much steam as knowing the buzzwords connected to the issue.

Jumping onto the non-GMO bandwagon seems to be a growing drift amongst people who are concerned about doing the right thing and being on the correct side of health. However, there are fewer who understand what the issue is or how it actually is affecting a person’s physical well-being or the environment. Unfortunately, lack of deeper knowledge on the subject can translate to a simple trend without substance, giving the movement shaky legs on which to stand. Don’t be caught with a blank stare next time the topic of genetic modification comes up. Check out One Reverse Mortgage‘s article to learn more about GMOs.




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