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It can be difficult to think about the future. Specificallywhen you consider a future after a loved one has passed away. The expenses and planning that a funeral necessitates can place a large financial burden upon a family. Pre-planning for this difficult time is a final gift that many can give to their loved ones, easing the planning and financial strain during a stressful time.

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As of 2012, the National Funeral Directors Association estimated the average cost of an adult funeral to be over $7,000. If a vault is required by the cemetery, which is a typical requirement, the cost rises to over $8,000. This amount is expected to rise in the future. In order to prevent this financial burden from being placed on the deceased’s family, pre-planning for the funeral expenses is an extraordinary and responsible gift that one can give to their family.

When a final needs plan is initiated, you make a monthly contribution to a tax-free account, and your plan will continue to growuntil the time that it is needed. Money that is placed into the final needs plan will stay sheltered, keeping it from lawyers, nursing homes, and estate fees, as it will only ever be used for its intended use – your funeral. When it is time for the pre-planning services to be used in the death of a loved one, the money is typically paid within days to the designated payee.

A final needs plan can also offer final document preparation. Having this preparation can alleviate much of the stress of loved ones. There are many documents to prepare and take care of when a loved one dies. These final documents can include alerting financial institutions to prevent identity theft, notifying Veteran Affairs, applying for a Canada Pension Plan death, survivor and children’s benefits, notifying insurance companies, and retiring the Social Insurance Number and Health Card of the deceased. To a layman, it can be overwhelming to prepare these documents during an already stressful time. Having these documents taken care of is a wonderful way to show family and friends how much they are loved.

When you contact a reliable final needs planner like The Elephas Group, you can rest assured that your family never has to struggle on their own when you pass. The monthly contributions you make during your life will cover all the expenses that a funeral creates, including an impressive travel insurance that will cover the cost of transporting your funeral should you pass overseas. While your money shields your family from unmanageable costs, The Elephas Group will provide compassionate support during your loved one’s difficult time, providing dependable and efficient document preparation.

When a loved one dies, remembering them and the wonderful life they lived should be the focus. Those left behind shouldn’t have to shoulder the stress of the funeral, the expenses of transportation in case of death while travelling, and final document preparation. Pre-planning a funeral can be an affordable way to continue to care for family and friends, even after death.

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