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Helping Travellers Over 50 Save on Travel Insurance Policies

Whether you’re travelling overseas on business or on holiday, you should buy a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses or extra travel expenses in case of emergencies. While most travel policies are fairly inexpensive, you may pay more for them if you are over the age of 50. Senior travellers will usually pay more for travel insurance policies because they are more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions than younger travellers.


Pre-Existing Conditions

Although the price of a travel insurance policy is affected by many factors, primarily your destination, you will probably pay more for a policy if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition prior to purchasing a travel policy, then you need to declare it at the time it is purchased. You may have to purchase additional coverage for some medical conditions, but if you’re traveling abroad, you risk losing thousands of pounds if you do not have medical insurance.

The cost of your policy will be determined by your health status when you apply for a policy. Some of the conditions that can affect the price include HIV, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy,asthma, and heart conditions.

For some conditions, you may need to have medical clearance before you are allowed to fly, so you need to take that into consideration as well when making holiday or business travel plans.

Medical Questionnaires

When you apply for a travel insurance policy, no matter your age, you will need to fill out a medical questionnaire. If you have a pre-existing condition such as those listed above, you still need to list it on the questionnaire even if it is well-managed with medication. Having one of those conditions does not automatically disqualify you from getting coverage. 

Getting the Best Policy

Aside from having medical coverage, there are many other reasons to take out a travel insurance policy. These policies cover some of the expenses of travel if plans have to be postponed or cancelled, if you miss your connecting flight, or if your travel plans are disrupted due to cancellations at your destination. When you’re choosing between travel insurance plans, you should compare coverage to ensure you are getting the best travel insurance for over 50s.

When comparing plans, check the coverage limits for medical expenses, cancellations, and the excess limits. Also, compare policies to check what is covered if your personal items are lost, stolen, or damaged while you’re travelling. Some policies may cover your personal electronics or offer add-on policies to cover them, but other policies do not cover them at all.

The cost of the policy shouldn’t be your only consideration when you need travel insurance because the cheapest policies may not provide the coverage you need. Carefully compare plans to find a policy that will meet all or most of your needs if you have to cancel your trip, have an accident while overseas, or if your baggage is lost by the airline. A travel insurance policy can help ensure a pleasant travel experience.

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