How To Determine Which Nanny Job is Best for You ?

Having decided to pursue a nanny job as your career, you may come across various nanny jobs. Even after having considerable experience in this field, you may be confused to decide which nanny job is best for you. It is because nannies have to work in an entirely different atmosphere as compared to their family environment. Also the responsibility associated with each type of nanny job varies. So you may be required to consider some factors to determine which nanny job will suit you best.

Payment- It is the most important factor to be considered because a nanny is pursuing this occupation to fulfil her financial needs. Compare the remuneration been offered for each type of nanny jobs and see the difference. You may prefer a job which is paid handsomely according to the services being offered by you. The payment offered by the client must be appropriate in accordance with the work to be done by you.

Location- The place where you have to offer your nanny services must also be considered while selecting the right kind of nanny job . You must consider a job which seems appropriate to you. If you are comfortable working in another country, you may choose a job where all the conditions such as language, food, culture etc. are well known to you. It will help you to perform your duties efficiently.

Timings- While selecting a nanny job, you must also consider the timings involved. It means you must consider the working hours involved whether it is a day job, full week job or does it involve staying at your employers’ house. Some parents want their nannies to stay with their children even at night and they provide separate rooms and all other facilities as well. If you are comfortable with this, you may go for such a nanny job or may go for one where you have to work only in day.

Driving- There are some cases where nannies are required to drive the children to different places such as school, tutors classes, hobby classes or other outdoor activities. You can opt for such a nanny job only if you are expert in driving and have a valid driving license. You must also be aware of the driving rules of different places. Otherwise, you may opt for a job which does not require you to drive.

Age-group Of Children- It is another important and major factor while deciding for a right kind of nanny job. It is because a nanny may have to work with children of different age-groups in the employer’s house. Some nannies are comfortable with grown-up children or teenagers, while some others are expert at handling young children or even newborn infants. Therefore, before finalising a suitable nanny job for yourself, you must consider the age-group of the children with whom you are comfortable working with.

We cannot say that the above factors are the only one but they are the main ones before opting for any nanny job. There can be other deciding factors as well which we can take up in our other posts later on.


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