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Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy

These days, we know the importance of staying healthy. However, it isn’t just about keeping your body healthy; your mind is important too. Both should come hand in hand for an all round healthy and happy life! But how can you make sure you’re as healthy as can be in all aspects of your life? Let’s take a look…

Watch What You Eat

It’s very simple. When it comes to food, what you put into your body can make you or break you. It’s true that a treat here and there won’t ruin your health, but the more rubbish you eat, the more rubbish you’ll feel. Chances are, if you feel rubbish, you’re making yourself ill. With the foods you eat, you can make yourself really healthy, happy, and energetic or sad, lethargic and negative. Food not only affects your health, but your mood too. By making sure you fill up on good foods like vegetables and fruit, you’ll be much better off than eating sugary junk. You want to stay away from food filled with saturated fat too. Treats in moderation – try an 80/20% ratio!

Take Regular Exercise

Food is the most important thing. You can’t out-train a bad diet. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that having 5 McDonalds a week is OK because you go to the gym. It isn’t OK! You might not pile on the weight, but your health will suffer. That being said, you should still take regular exercise, Eating well and exercise go hand in hand and will help you to feel amazing. You’ll look pretty amazing after a while too! The longer you keep it up, the better you’ll look! Find something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy exercise, then you won’t stick to it. The idea is that you’re creating habits for life, so don’t do too much at once and make sure you actually like what you’re doing.

Kick Bad Habits

Your bad habits could end up ruining you if you’re not careful. A person who eats well and exercises is doing great, but if they also smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, their health is going to suffer hugely. Stop smoking, drinking to excess, and taking drugs. A bad habit could also be sleeping in too late, or not getting enough sleep. Assess your life and figure out where you can improve.

Do Things You Enjoy

When you do things you enjoy, your zest for life improves. You’ll stimulate your mind, and you’ll feel happier. Those endorphins will stay with you for a while, so you should feel great! Make sure you enjoy the hobbies you love, or find a hobby if you don’t have one as of yet. They are great ways to relieve stress and build skills. If you can find a job you feel good about doing, that’s even better. We spend a lot of our time at work, so it only makes sense that we enjoy it! Why not start your own business? There are so many other businesses that can help you to set up, from health and safety consultants to IT support.

Train Your Brain

If we don’t use our brain’s capabilities, we could lose them later on. If you want to keep your memory sharp, then you should train your brain. Just like you challenge your body, make sure you challenge your brain. Read books, learn new things, and do exercises designed to help you.


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See People You Love

Seeing people you love will help increase your feelings of well being. Surrounding yourself with positive people who make you happy will help you to feel better about life, no matter what’s going on. Have a catch up with your friends and family regularly. Make time for them before it’s too late.


Some people think that meditation is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but meditation has been proven to be very effective. The most successful people meditate, and they enjoy a whole host of benefits. They feel more positive, they let go of fears, and they learn to live in the moment. You only need about 10 minutes a day free to do it, and the benefits are endless. The more you practice, the better you get. Try it and you’ll see!

Look After Your Skin

Drinking lots of water and eating right is brilliant for your skin, but you need to look after it in other ways too. Your skin is always exposed, which means it can be damaged easily by the sun. Sun damage is serious business. Skin cancer can be avoided in many cases if you just protect your skin properly. Make sure you apply sunscreen liberally when spending time in the sun, and even if it’s not sunny. Protective clothing should be worn, and you shouldn’t spend time in the sun when it’s at it’s hottest. Always avoid sunbeds!

Think Positively

Positive thinking is thought to be a little bit like magic in many religions and cultures. Whatever you believe in, thinking positively helps. It’s hard to be positive in this world sometimes, but the more you practice it and see the good in things, the more you’ll find good things happen to you. Like attracts like. If you’re negative, you’ll have more negative experiences. If you’re positive, you’ll experience mostly positive things. Try to see the good in everything and fill yourself with loving thoughts of yourself and others. Your life can quickly change, and loving yourself and others is so healthy.

Develop Your Confidence

Some people are naturally confident, others aren’t. Luckily, self confidence is something you can develop. People who are confident don’t have as many doubts and feel better when making decisions. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is important too, and self confidence can help you to achieve this. Thinking negative thoughts about yourself will only impact your life in a negative way, so bat those thoughts away. Speak to yourself like you would a friend. If you’re not confident at all, there are courses and exercises you can try.

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