Six Places Your Body Lets You Know You’re Unhealthy

Keeping an eye on your health isn’t easy. If you pay attention to your body, you’ll know when something is wrong.


Sometimes, the warning signs aren’t very obvious. Knowing the indicators of something being wrong is the first step towards avoiding serious health problems.


I’m going to walk you through the six key areas of your body to pay attention to.


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While not an indicator of any major health issue, nails can help determine deficiency in key vitamins and minerals.


If you notice any blotching on your nails, you may need some supplemental help to get the vitamins and minerals you need.




If you roll your wrist back and look at the underside of it, you should notice blue veins. If the joining parts between the veins are looking too narrow, it may be an indication of a heart problem.


Varicose veins may also point towards some heart and circulatory issues. While the problems that cause varicose veins can be treated, the veins themselves will remain.


They are fairly unsightly, so if you like you could go to a vein clinic for removal.




Your eyes can be a good sign of lifestyle problems rather than direct health concerns. Are your eyes bloodshot often? It could be you’re spending too much time in front of a screen.


If your job is mostly screen based, taking a few minutes looking away from the screen could help with this problem.


If the whites of your eyes are turning yellow or blue, it could either be a symptom of a benign condition or something more serious.




With the skin being your largest organ, it’s good to pay attention to it for overall bodily health. Yellowing may point towards jaundice for example.


Skin care in itself can be a health concern. Keeping yourself clean is very important. Allowing bacteria to breed on your body can lead to infection.


Any open and untreated wounds will require immediate attention. If you have a cut, be sure to keep it clean with warm water and an antiseptic cream. Doing this prevents bacteria getting into the cut.


With cracked skin, there could be multiple causes. A moisturizer or topical ointment will solve the complaint, however.




Tooth and gum ache should always be taken seriously. With your gum health being directly linked to your heart, it’s wise to maintain a healthy mouth.


Keep your teeth cleaned and flossed, and be aware of an unusual ulcers or lumps in your mouth.


If you have a dry mouth, constantly it could be the result of not enough hydration or too much sodium in your body.




Brittle hair or hair loss itself could be an indication of malnutrition. While hair loss is usually down to hormones, a poor diet could contribute.


If you are experiencing hair loss very suddenly, consulting a doctor will help you get to the root of the problem.


Stress can also factor into hair loss although a more lifestyle problem than early warning about poor health.



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