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Stay away from the knife: 3 very effective non-surgical procedures

Ageing carries a number of worries with it, not least because of the signs we start seeing on our bodies. Time passes for everyone and we all know it, yet we’d rather avoid having to say goodbye to our younger, fresh-looking selves.
Although most decisions to undergo cosmetic surgery are driven by emotion, choosing an ever-lasting treatment should instead be a very well-reasoned and rational process.


With one in five patients of cosmetic surgery unhappy about the results, prudence should always be the name of the game, no matter how much you’ve aged of lately. Depression and financial loss are both very common consequences of treatments gone wrong, so it pays to consider some less drastic and more affordable options before deciding to go under the knife.


We have gathered here three alternatives to cosmetic surgery, three very good ways to avoid going under the knife just yet.


Chemical peel


Your face is the first thing most people will notice when looking at you, so wrinkles and an ageing skin won’t help you give a youthful first impression. Keeping the wrinkles at bay is not enough for a young-looking face though, as younger skins have a shine and tone that older skins seem to have lost.


To find some of that lost splendor, chemical peel is a rather painless and safe option. Often composed by glycolic, lactic and salycilic acid, such peels are easy to apply and cause superficial layers of skins to peel off within 1 to 2 days.


Chemical peels are relatively costly coming at around $400, yet they are also quite reliable and are recommended by 77 percent of users of RealSelf, the go-to website for independent ratings of cosmetic treatments.


Neck tightening for wrinkles


Any face treatment would feel incomplete without also addressing the neck, which is the second most immediately noticeable area. Yet most non-surgical products available are neck-specific and with a limited impact, so we’d rather feel like recommending a solution that’s more versatile as well as quite effective.


Cold plasma sub-d tightens the skin along the chin, jawline and neck, it doesn’t contain harmful elements such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates and comes with a very affordable $135 price tag. Among its clinically proven benefits are an 85% decrease of fat under the chin and 82% of patients noticing more well toned and tight chin and jawline.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty


Last but not least, your nose. Apart from carrying the signs of ageing like every other bit of the face, the nose is a feature many people are usually unhappy about, as testified by the 10-percent spike in nose jobs in America alone between 2012 and 2013.


To avoid removing the lower parts of your nose and undergo an irreversible hammer and chisel treatment, you might want to consider non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is in fact a rather simple operation that involves injecting some dermal filler to even out the skin of your nose.


Consider non-surgical rhinoplasty if you don’t want to undergo a major nose job and would like to stay on the safe side too – with 95% of patients happy about this treatment, there is almost no risk involved.


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