Summer is Coming: 5 Ways to Prep Your Kids for Summer Fun

Summer Fun for KidsSummer time is a great time of life for many kids, staying up later, spending long hours doing whatever suits you, from reading books, playing video games to swimming and playing outside. As the summer stretches before you, there are several ways you can plan a wonderful summer for the kids. Here are five ways to keep your kids safe and happy this summer.

Swimming Safety

Swimming safety tops most lists when it comes to talking about being safe in the summer. The most important part of swimming safety is to ensure your child knows how to swim before getting in a pool that is more than a few inches deep. Another important thing to remember is to teach your child never to swim alone and to always have an adult or swimming buddy nearby.

Sun Exposure

Fun in the sun is what summer time is all about, but getting sunburned can ruin a summer day quickly. Ensure the kids have access to and know how to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn and future skin issues that can result from overexposure to the sun. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure your kids have sunscreen applied and are protected from the sun.

Staying Cool in the Heat

Keeping cool in the sun is simple yet often overlooked amid the fun of a hot, sunny day. Teach kids to drink lots of water, enjoy water play and dress in light Reem clothing in order to stay cool amid the soaring temperatures. Treats such as popsicles and frozen fruit are great ways to chill on a summer afternoon. Make sure you have a backyard with shade from trees or a covered back patio to reduce your child’s sun exposure.

Active Fun

Provide lots of outside time at the park or nature center if you do not live in an area where playing outside at home is possible. Supply them with balls of all kinds, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, great outside games like hopscotch, and all the fun toys you remember to encourage active play. Join them in playing, in taking a family nature walk, show them how being active is fun as well as healthy.

There are also outdoor activities that can be done as a family, such as picnics, sports, family hikes, and simply taking walks together. Kids will follow your examples, so help keep them active this summer by getting outside with them.

Summer time is the stuff memories are made of and with a little planning, stocking up on sunscreen and summer clothing, it can be safe and fun.

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