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Few things to keep in mind before opting for plastic surgery – Look before you leap

Cosmetic surgeries know very well how to invade the minds of girls for adoption as it claims its power of full-body transformation through e [...]

The Buzz Behind Carboxy Therapy

With our feet firmly planted in July, it’s safe to say that the warm weather is here stay. It’s inevitable that with the hot and humid d [...]

The Good and the Bad Components for Sensitive Skin Care

Do you have sensitive skin that reddens or itches or burns whenever you apply a skin care product? If you think that the solution is to avoi [...]

Healthy Desserts that are Easy to Make

When you finish dinner do you automatically want dessert? Unfortunately if you are trying to eat healthy, you might be grabbing for somethin [...]

How to Make a Healthy Vegetarian Dinner

Being a vegetarian often means eating a lot of carbohydrates, including bread, pasta and anything else that will act as a filler. Unfortunat [...]

What Can a Facelift Achieve for You?

What can a facelift achieve? If you are concerned about the signs of aging and want to improve their appearance, this surgical procedure can [...]
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