The Buzz Behind Carboxy Therapy

With our feet firmly planted in July, it’s safe to say that the warm weather is here stay. It’s inevitable that with the hot and humid days of summer, Canadians will be shedding their layers and revealing more skin than ever. That can be hard if you don’t like the look of yours. Luckily, there’s an amazing new therapy that can treat all the things you don’t like about your skin. Carboxy therapy can reduce the look of cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, and even scars so that you can be ready to don your bathing suit with confidence.


Though new to the beauty scene, this treatment is over half a century old and has its origins in the medical community. It was first used as a way to treat leg ulcers and vascular disease. Now, over fifty years later, beauty experts have realized that it does more than just improve one’s health; carboxy therapy has been proven to improve the look of one’s skin.

Tight, smooth, and rejuvenated skin can be yours through scheduled treatments of carboxy therapy. By administering carbon dioxide to the underlying tissues of your skin, a skin care specialist can encourage blood flow to your trouble areas. An increase in oxygenated blood to these areas results in a wound-healing effect, strengthening the connective tissues underneath your skin and eliminating fat. After a few appointments, stronger collagen and other structural fibers translates into smooth, better looking skin.

If you want to look your best this summer, regardless of how much skin you show, be sure to start your carboxy therapy sooner rather than later. Before you jump into the chair for your treatment, be sure to speak with a skin care specialist first. You need to find the experts in the field, to ensure that your therapy is safe and painless. Making a 15 minute consultation with Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics is a great starting point. As the best laser skin clinic for carboxy therapy, their knowledgeable and friendly technicians can evaluate your skin and develop an appropriate schedule for your skin type, while answering any questions you may have along the way. And since they use the best equipment in the industry, you know that you’ll be safely treated with no need for any downtime.

You can fit in a treatment whenever you find the time – during your lunch break or even right before you go on holiday. After only a few appointments, you’ll start to see the difference. With smoother and tighter skin, you’ll have no problem hitting the beach in your bikini. Your skin will look radiant under the summer sun.

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