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The Dangers Of A High Body Fat Percentage

When we hear the term ‘body fat’ we usually worry. What a lot of people don’t realise is that everyone has body fat. We just have different body fat percentages. Having body fat doesn’t mean you’re fat or overweight. But, if our body fat percentage is too high, then it can have negative effects on our body.


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Having an abnormally high body fat percentage can lead to obesity. Obesity is shockingly common in the western world these days. The US has the highest obesity rates, and the UK is not that far off either.

Heart Problems

Excessive body fat also leads to heart problems. Those with a high body fat percentage are more likely to suffer from heart disease.

High Blood Pressure

There is a direct correlation between your body fat percentage and blood pressure. Normally, if you have a healthy body fat level, your chance of high blood pressure are slim. On the other hand, high blood pressure has been attributed to a high body fat percentage.


With a high body fat percentage, this means you have an unhealthy BMI. This can lead to the above problems, as well as diabetes. By working on lowering your body fat you can help prevent illnesses like diabetes.


How Do I Reduce Body Fat?

Now that you know what high body fat percentage can do, you need to work on keeping it low. There are many ways to lower body fat, but they fall under two separate headings:


Fat Removal

You can have certain cosmetic surgeries to remove body fat. These procedures are common among people who are way over what is considered a ‘healthy’ body fat percentage. Also, sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of certain fatty areas. So cosmetic surgery is a way to counter that. Although procedures like Liposuction are still popular, you can undergo fat removal without surgery.

Change Your Lifestyle

The most common way of losing your body fat. By changing your lifestyle and exercising 4-5, times a week you can help burn away body fat. If you have a dangerous level of body fat, you need to make serious changes. Throw away all the fatty, high calorie, foods in your house. Start eating healthy and keeping the calories down low. You’ll need to start working out too. Otherwise, you won’t burn any calories. The key to losing body fat naturally is to burn more calories than you take in. You can sweat off as many calories as you like, but if you keep eating junk it will mean nothing. As life moves on it’s harder to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Especially for older people, which is why you need to find ways to maintain a healthy body as you get older.


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It’s important to note that you don’t need to rid yourself of body fat completely. In fact having too low a body fat percentage can lead to diseases like anorexia. You don’t have to be a ripped, athletic, model to have a healthy body fat level. Look at the healthy body fat percentage for someone your age and aim to maintain that level. If you find that you do have a high body fat percentage, then hopefully this article has explained the dangers to you. As well as providing advice on how to counter it.



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