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Top 4 Tips to Healthy Eating

Life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind…” lamented the Eagles in their hit single Life in the Fast Lane (album: Hotel California), way back in 1976. This was when “fast” was nowhere near as fast as it is in the “always connected” now! Prophetic, as we see its ill effects now hitting us where it hurts the most: our health. Our physical, mental, social, financial, and intellectual health have gone for a collective toss; and with it, our family’s. We all know we got to do something about it, only, where do we start? Well, researchers are unanimous: with your eating habits: Mind what, how and when you eat, and you’ll have made a quantum difference in your lifestyle. Next, how do you go about it? Simple: Just follow these top 10 tips to healthy eating, and you’ll find the easiest and most sustainable path to a much better and healthful life than you’ve ever known!


Chill in the Kitchen

The biggest killer in today’s jet lagged world is stress. Stress induced health problems are not restricted to just high pressure jobs or competitive sport – today’s children suffer as much from intense peer pressure, as do budget-juggling housewives and time-starved corporate honchos! So you scream: Just what do I do? Simple. Let go. Take time off for yourself and family. And the best place to let off steam and bond is to cozy up with the family in the kitchen or at the backyard barbeque. Family cooking is one of the best ways to beat stress, and to put the joie de vivre back into your life, and the rose back into the cheeks. Try new recipes; rehash old ones, and soon, you’ll find your life blossoming all over again!

Fresh is Best

Now that you’re in the kitchen, slow down. Look in the refrigerator, the pantry. Trash all that fast food junk – they’re loaded with sodium, trans fats, unnecessary sugars and a whole lot of other stuff you best avoid. Home cooked fresh food is what you need to rejuvenate those suffering cells in your body. Fetch fresh veggies, lean meats, fish and eggs from the market (when was the last time you went grocery shopping, anyway?), cut up some fresh fruit, and toss up a crisp salad. Take your time about it: you must enjoy your time preparing your meal. Nothing is as satisfying as watching your table getting loaded!

Say “No” to Unsaturated Fats

Well, if you’re a vegan, great. But for the carnivorous amongst us, it’s a good idea to watch out for that most deadly constituent of our diet: trans fats. The saturated fats in fresh food ingredients such as lean meats, cream and cheese are easily metabolized; but trans fats, such as the unsaturated fats found in processed and fast foods, are particularly dangerous – a tasty invitation to obesity, and more “lethal” problems such as heart disease and kidney failure.

Make Your Meal Wholesome

That table is loaded with a whole variety of foods, so why fill up your plate with huge servings of just one or two dishes? In fact, it’s good to fill your plate with small servings of a variety of different foods – meats, veggies, cereal, rice, salad, fruits … and you don’t have to have them all at one go: go slow, savor your meal, cherish the time you’re having it, and keep filling your plate with only the healthy stuff.

This is a Guest Post written by Keira Rose from healthbuzzer

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