Trending Cosmetic Surgery Job in 2013

It was known for a long time that most individuals especially women undergone cosmetic surgery because of their breast and buttocks. That is why understanding the census of cosmetic surgery for the past few years you will be able to identify that the leading form of operation is the breast and buttocks enhancement. Amazingly the number of patients who desires to have a perfect chest and buttocks declined. For this year most individuals, either women or men are more concern with the value of their faces.

plastic-surgery-11Who are  the responsible people behind the success and progress of Facial Surgery? In the medical field, it is common for the practitioners to conduct an annual gathering or meeting. This is purposely made to review the statistics of their handled cases. And because of this they have discovered that most of the people undergoing cosmetic surgery preferred to modify their faces and rejuvenate it.

Planning to have a surgery? Then here’s the list of the Trending cosmetic surgery in 2013:

  • Still remained in the number one position is the Breast Enhancement or Augmentation – isn’t it lovely to see a perfect figured chest and cleavage? That is the main purpose of breast enhancement to make a woman’s chest area wonderful and amazing. This procedure is ideal and designed for females who have a small chest measurement. This is to help them improve their self- confidence and be happy for what they are. Breast implants are divided into two types: the silicone and the saline implants. Definitely there are big difference between the two, so make sure that before planning of breast augmentation you have already  reviewed all the details about the procedure.
  • The Face Rejuvenation – with the rising and growing demand for facial improvement. Face lift cosmetic surgery has become popular and well accepted by the society. Men and women nowadays has been so obsessed with bringing back the youth in their face. Most individuals know that the face is an excellent investment to be taken care of. In addition the effect of this social media website has a big impact to an individual’s personality. Of course nobody will want to see an unpleasant face posted and published all over the social media network.

The following are the different and well known face rejuvenation procedures (non-invasive): The BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, IPL treatment, Juvederm Hydrate and the Dermal Roller.

Mentioned above are the treatments that don’t require surgery, here are some that requires surgery: Blepharoplasty (Upper or Lower Eye Bag Removal) and Rhytidectomy  (skin removal).

  • Breast Reduction- cases of gynecomastia nowadays is increasing and it is unpleasant to see a Male with big chest like the one with the female. Not only for males, this is also ideal for females who’s losing their self confidence because of their significant chest area.
  • Lastly, Liposuction – ideal for obese of overweight individuals who’s aiming to loosen up their excess fats quickly and easily.

There are so many procedures that you can choose from if you really want to be more gorgeous and stunning, however keep in mind that everything has its pro’s and con’s. So ensure that everything is safe….Enjoy!

Sarah Del Rosario is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Thrifty Senyorita and currently partners with, one of the leading providers of Cosmetic Surgery.


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