Using Potatoes In Order To Remove Skin Moles

A mole can be quite an unappealing and irritating blemish that can cause discomfort when it rubs against clothes. At the same time, the appearance is ugly and many feel bad when they see them on their skin. Removing moles is an interest that many share but the truth is that this has to be done carefully, with huge attention to detail.


In most situations you would need to go to the office of a mole removal London professional. This is definitely the solution that is recommended. We say this because the dermatologist will know absolutely everything about the removal process. Moles will be analyzed, tested and then a solution for removal will be considered in order to cause the minimum possible damage.

The problem with removing skin moles is that there are many solutions that are advertised as being highly effective when the truth is exactly the opposite. Surgical solutions do tend to cost a lot of money and people regularly avoid doctors. If you do not want to go to the doctor, the good news is that you can consider various home remedies. However, this means you have to allow yourself enough time to actually try the solutions. It does take a number of weeks until home remedies produce the results you are looking for.

Potatoes have long been used to remove mole and the success rate is actually much higher than what you would expect at first glance. That is due to the healing abilities that appear. Potatoes include chlorine, phosphorous, sulphur and potassium. All of these are helpful in removing skin blemishes and moles. To make matters even more interesting, the vegetable also includes vitamin C and enzymes that can feed the skin’s cellular tissue.

It is imperative that you only use raw potatoes since when you cook the vegetable, nutrients are eliminated. Various methods can be utilized with the most common one being cutting potatoes in slices and applying one slice to the surface of the mole. Potatoes can also be grated and then the puree mass can be applied to the skin mole. Puree is seen as releasing the good nutrients faster than the potato slice.

You can also apply potato peelings on the mole as the upper layers are quite rich with the elements that are useful for removing the mole. When removing the potato, juice should be allowed to dry. This allows the substances to work for a longer period of time. You need to apply the potato around 3 times daily and wait for weeks until results are visible.

Choosing the best possible method is something that is subjective. You may want to try them all at various intervals in order to mix things up. Cutting and peeling potatoes automatically means that you are left with various quantities of potatoes that are left over. You can use the rest to cook dinner or you can simply store them to constantly apply in order to treat moles. If after some weeks you do not see improvements, you will want to try something else.


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