Vaping and e-cigarettes – Choosing lesser of the two evils

We all have seen the statutory warning of cigarette companies which reads “Smoking cigarette kills” but despite this there are many who still smoke cigarettes and are striving hard to let go of this habit. As per reports from the Centers for Disease Control, smoking is one of the main causes behind death in the US, and it accounts for more than 480,000 deaths or 1among every 5 deaths in a year. If you add to that another 16 million American who suffers from different diseases related to smoking, it is fairly clear that smoking cigarettes keep diminishing your overall health.


Are Americans smoking less?

Yes, the numbers seem to be a bit encouraging. While more than 40% of the Americans smoked in the year 1970, the number has plummeted to 15% in 2016. However, taking into account the fact that our population grew with time, the net drop in the number of American smokers is just 8 million. This drop in the rate of smoking just didn’t happen out of nowhere. The government had hosted a long campaign against smoking, ever-increasing taxes and anti-smoking campaigns which promote healthy lifestyle which warn of health risks associated with smoking. Americans have never been able to buy a cigarette pack without any stern warning about the dangers of smoking.

Vaping is the newest and coolest trend of smoking

Electronic cigarettes, although dates back to the 1960s, yet they didn’t really enter the scene until it was the past decade and since then it has gained enough momentum. These electronic cigarettes comprise of a cartridge, an LED light and a battery. When you just turn on this tool, the e-cig heats the liquid which is there within the cartridge. It produces a form of vapor or aerosol mist which is inhaled by the smoker and this is why there is lack of combustion when you smoke through the e-cigarettes.

Due to the fact that e-cigarettes are free from tobacco, e-cigarettes are still unregulated in the US but this scene will most likely change. There are cities like Chicago, Boston, New York and LA which have limited their usage. Other localities and states include Oregon which are also choosing the restrictions as well.

If you’re someone who is all set to quit smoking, you should choose the FDA-approved nicotine inhalers which are better than their traditional counterparts. You should base your decisions on FDA regulations. You can buy the best e-cigs from V2 Cigs UK.

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