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What Do You Need To Know If Your Child Needs Braces?

A trip to the dentist can be a scary time for a child. It can also be scary for parents if there’s anything wrong. Braces are common but if you’ve never had them, you may be nervous about getting them for your child. Here are the things we think you need to know, so you feel confident about your child’s treatment.




Why get braces?


Your first question is likely to be, why does your kid need braces in the first place? If you’ve had braces or issues with your teeth, the problem could be genetic. You may have noticed yours have spacing issues in your teeth.


If it’s not for a generic reason, it will be environmental. Children often suck their thumbs that can disrupt the way in which their teeth grow. Other issues such as a bad diet, accidents, teeth overcrowding and so on can all be good reasons to get braces.


Sometimes, your general dentist may recommend that you go to see an orthodontist like Dr. Jim Hutta, DDS. Other times, you may have made the move to visit the orthodontist yourself. It’s a good idea to visit when your child starts to get permanent teeth.


It’s better for your child to have braces now, than when they are an adult. Their teeth are developing and are more likely to have success at setting in a natural position. Correcting teeth is important, as it could affect things such as how your child eats or speaks.


What type of braces?


If your child does need braces, there are many different kinds. Some children may only need a retainer type device that is removable. Others may need metal braces that are securable with wires and rubber bands. If the issue is severe, your child may even need special headgear to keep their jaw and teeth aligned.


It all can sound scary, but your kid may only have braces for a few weeks. It could also be a few years, so you need the right type of brace for the job.


What about maintenance?


Looking after your child’s braces shouldn’t be difficult providing your follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Stick to a good teeth cleaning routine as your would normally and follow any further advice from your orthodontist. As part of the process, you’ll have regular cleaning and maintenance appointments. Of course as long as you are doing your part at home, maintenance should be a breeze.


What about bullying?


A large concern for many parents is that their child may get bullied at school. The best way to deal with this is to make sure you speak to your child about the process. If you understand it and feel confident, they will feel more confident. If you’re concerned, it is possible to get almost invisible braces, although they may cost much more.


Braces are so common that you shouldn’t worry. Your kids will have forgotten they had even worn braces by the time they are adults!




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