What to Look for When Choosing a Rejuvenating Treatment

Fall is settling in, and we’re out looking for opportunities to cozy up, relax, and treat yourself to some “me time”. A rejuvenating treatment is always a good place to start if you are past puberty because those wrinkles can start settling in around your mid-twenties and aren’t just reserved for those in their “autumn” years of life. Though a face lift might seem a little drastic, you can definitely move towards youth retaining treatments.

So, what should you be looking for when choosing effective rejuvenating treatments?



Getting the right amount of oxygen to the skin is essential in keeping it in its prime, hence the recent push for facial rolling and massaging. You need to have good circulation in order for the right levels of oxygen to get where they need to be. This can be done through exfoliation, controlled abrasion, or even natural chemical peels. Look for the key term “improves circulation” for that youthful glow.


Muscle Stimulation

Your face is really made up of quite simple components: your skull, skin, muscle, and some fat. While your skull stays mostly the same throughout your life, your skin and muscle tone decreases with age. When a treatment like esthelift, an esthederm treatment, stimulates muscles in the face, it can enhance your facial contours, keeping your face naturally “full” in all the right places. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles because you are “filling” in those creases where they form for a smoother look.



While a little pain won’t kill you, if you are opting for something that’s NOT a facelift, why subject yourself to pain? There are many treatment options out there that you can indulge in pain-free and with great results. Remember that treating yourself is about giving yourself time to relax and feel pampered, not just to get the most extreme results.

Collagen Production

Collagen is what gives your skin structure and allows for youthful flexibility and the smooth “snapback” that we lose over the years. If a treatment suggests that there will be collagen production stimulation, that’s something you’re going to want to check out!


Taking care of yourself and your skin is an important task, and one that comes with a whole slew of benefits. By incorporating rejuvenating treatments into your regular rotation, you’re giving yourself the chance to avoid getting a facelift in the future, while looking good all along, naturally!

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